Recent attacks have highlighted the fantastic ingenuity and creativity of sophisticated hackers and how they can penetrate your business and IT environment. 

My team have been on the ground in the Ukraine supporting companies and their business interruption caused by the MeDoc hacks. Earlier in the year we've been supporting our clients with the WannaCry attacks. And these are just the tip of the iceberg! 

Microsoft and other businesses are working to pre-empt such "zero day" attacks by using artificial intelligence and data analytics to identify systems and software acting out of the ordinary - advancing beyond techniques like Address Space Layout Randomization to now monitor if software like Microsoft Word has started accessing files, memory and systems in a way that is out of the norm.

A bit like Terminator/Skynet, we're turning sophisticated Artificial Intelligence back on those hackers to identify and react faster than ever! Reducing the timeline of an attack can be directly proportionate to the financial harm your business could suffer following a cyber attack.

These behavioural analysis systems and AI are some of the leading edge techniques being used to keep our economy safe and secure.