Industrial espionage and theft of commercially sensitive or valuable intellectual property has been an ever present threat probably since the wheel was invented and then rapidly improved upon as Wheel 2.0 (now round!)

Baseball is an alien pass time to me but the Yankees recently claimed that the Boston Red Sox had used their relationship with Apple to allow them to "steal signals" and gain a technological advantage and insight into their opponent's game. They decoded the signs of the Yankees' catcher to the pitcher and allegedly transmitted the indications from their iPads to their players using an Apple Watch to gain an unfair advantage.

The Verizon Breach Report 2017 notes that 90% of data stolen in the engineering and manufacturing industries was R&D data and intellectual property. R&D can be the most costly component of development of a new product, medicine or service, and loss of that commercially valuable but "intangible" property can cause near immeasurable harm to a business. 

Wearable technology and miniaturisation are making our gadgets smaller and more powerful day by day. They make our lives easier but they also increase the risk that valuable data can be exfiltrated from your business (and your game) with greater ease, almost without trace. 

As our baseball-ing colleagues noted, "It’s been going on forever. It’s up to us to protect our signs [and data]!"