It's been speculated that by 2030 30% of UK jobs could or will be replaced by robots, computers and Artificial Intelligence. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, our ever innovative hackers have been using sophisticated automation for many years to get the better of unsuspecting victims.

Interpol has noted that hackers and organized criminals are using technological infrastructure that would put most FTSE 100 companies to shame - continuous patching of malware, regular upgrade cycles, 24/7 support and product innovation to make it the most lethal available. 

Interpol Cyber Crime Developments

In a recent study researchers demonstrated that social engineering and phishing campaigns designed and run by automated systems and AI were significantly more effective and efficient than human campaigns. For an attack vector that only relies on a single click out of hundreds of thousands to be successful, it is a worrisome demonstration of the power of how AI can transform productivity - even for the bad guys!

Fortunately, it's not all doom and gloom - we're fighting back using technology and AI to create a more Vibrant future! Product innovation and design is embracing the best of AI to keep attackers at bay using sophisticated behavioural analytics, data science and global scale pattern recognition.

AI Startup Trends Report

Technology will inevitably used for bad as well as good, and it should be embraced as a shield as well as a pointy stick to drive innovation and evolution of "Homo Digitalis".

Grant Thornton and AI